Does Your Office Use These Microsoft Applications?

A woman sits at a desk with a two monitor computer set up in front of her in an office building.

Does Your Office Use These Microsoft Applications?

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably familiar with Microsoft, but could you identify how many Microsoft apps your business uses? There might be some Microsoft apps you don’t know about yet or are less familiar with. These apps could help your business grow and facilitate collaboration between the key members of your team. Here are five Microsoft apps you might not have known about.

Microsoft OneDrive

The corner of a computer screen shows office .com and lists the Apps including OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive is surprisingly not as well known as Word or PowerPoint, but it’s connected to all of the Microsoft apps. The application allows you to securely and safely store all of your data in one place, up to 1TB. The challenge of file sharing is solved with the option to share access to your files with permitted users instantly. You won’t have to worry about anyone outside your company being able to access your stored files because Microsoft has a zero-standing access policy, which ensures outside engineers cannot access user accounts unless they are specifically requested. OneDrive is included in the Microsoft 365 package, so you won’t have to pay extra to keep your data secure on top of the basic Microsoft apps your company may already be utilizing.

Microsoft Teams

A woman's hands hold a cellular device displaying the Microsoft Teams log-in screen. The Microsoft Teams logo is at the top of the screen, beneath that is an image from Microsoft Teams showing many people. Under the graphic a block of text reads "Welcome to Microsoft Teams! A happier place for teams to work together." Under this text is the log-in buttons.

Microsoft Teams is another app that’s connected to other Microsoft apps but is less utilized. This app is essential to businesses because it allows employees to collaborate on all of their files and host video and phone conference calls. It also includes a chat room, so employees can communicate with each other whenever they need to even when they’re not on a conference call. Since so many companies are still embracing remote work environments, Teams is becoming more essential than ever before. Teams is included in the Microsoft 365 Business package, allowing your company the opportunity to utilize it in addition to the more well-known Microsoft apps without an additional charge or separate fee.

Microsoft Defender

A laptop with the default Windows 11 background displays a popup warning related to a malicious file.

Similarly to OneDrive, Microsoft Defender keeps your data secure, but at a much higher level. It allows you to integrate password protection on files and other business information while also restricting the copying or saving of business-specific information to third-party apps. If somehow your company’s information is breached, Defender gives you the ability to remotely wipe compromised files or databases. Along with files and business information, Defender protects emails from multiple cybersecurity threats, such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, and general spam. You won’t have to pay extra for this app either since it is also a part of the Microsoft 365 Business package.

Microsoft Planner

The welcome page for Microsoft Planner is displayed. On the main pop up the text reads "Welcome to Planner, A simple, visual way to organize teamwork." The top left of the page says "Planner" with a list of options down the left side of the page including New Plan, Hub, and Assigned to me.

If you use Microsoft Excel, the odds are in your favor for finding great value in Microsoft Planner. Excel is most commonly used for entering data and keeping track of tasks, but Planner makes that responsibility easier and more simple. Planner helps you manage tasks by creating Kanban boards, a popular workflow management tool, that include files, checklists, and labels. Employees can check off tasks as they finish them and label which ones are urgent. The app includes advanced collaboration tools to make it easier for employees to work together and it is a part of the Microsoft 365 Business package as well.

Microsoft Outlook

A phone's app folder labeled "Microsoft" shows app icons for various Microsoft applications including Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is more common than the other apps we mentioned, but it’s still not as well known as Word, PowerPoint, or some of the other integral Microsoft apps. Outlook provides email services to its users and is included in all of the Microsoft 365 packages. With emails being such a crucial component of any business’s communication, Outlook serves as an important application to consider including in any organization. Outlook includes secure email delivery, a 50GB mailbox, prioritized mail facilities, automated and synced calendars between employees, cloud-based management, a custom domain name, and more. The best part of Outlook is that Microsoft made it completely accessible by integrating voice-controlled navigation, support for multiple assistive devices, and more into the app.

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