Month: August 2022

Two men sit at their desks next to one another. Both are interacting with computers.

Is It Worth It To Hire A Web Accessibility Specialist?

As mentioned in our previous article, web accessibility lawsuits are increasing exponentially, but you can prevent a case by hiring a web accessibility specialist. A web accessibility specialist ensures that a website is accessible to everyone with a disability and complies with the ADA. They evaluate the website’s content and determine what changes need to …

A male lawyer sits at a computer staring at the screen.

The Most Common Web Accessibility Mistakes People Are Sued For

According to the Wall Street Journal, web accessibility lawsuits rose 64% last year and are continuing to rise over time. Most web accessibility lawsuits are caused by simple mistakes that businesses make when creating their websites. Here are the most common web accessibility mistakes you can look out for when you’re creating your website. Missing …