The Importance of Web Accessibility for Lawyers

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The Importance of Web Accessibility for Lawyers

Now more than ever it’s important for lawyers to know about web accessibility. According to Essential Accessibility, “there were more than 2,800 web accessibility lawsuits filed in Federal Court in 2021, a 14 percent increase from 2020.” The number of web accessibility lawsuits increases each year, indicating a rising trend. The threat of being involved in a web accessibility lawsuit is a growing concern for lawyers and their clients.

Your Clients Might Receive a Web Accessibility Lawsuit

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When business owners are creating websites for their business, they often don’t realize that they have to fulfill legal requirements to make their websites accessible. These requirements, established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), are most simply fulfilled during the creation of the website because they are a part of the website’s design and code. If it is necessary, it is significantly more time-consuming and difficult to rebuild a website in its entirety. The alternative, a website that is built with accessibility in mind, is simple to adjust and modify as new regulations or legislation emerges. If your client doesn’t know how to make their website accessible when they first create it, they are at a greater risk of receiving a web accessibility lawsuit. In a lawsuit against Domino’s, the court ruled in favor of Guillermo Robles, stating that the lack of knowledge about digital accessibility does not exempt a business from complying with the related legislation.

If a client finds themselves facing a web accessibility lawsuit, you can advise them to create a new website and hire a qualified web developer that specializes in 508/ADA compliance or seek an expert capable of remedying their programming code. While professional web developers might cost more money, it’s worth it to prevent another web accessibility lawsuit that could cost them even more money and customers. Able IT Pros have an excess of knowledge about web accessibility and can help your clients build ADA-compliant websites.

Your Law Firm Could Receive a Web Accessibility Lawsuit

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Not only is it important to know about web accessibility for your clients, but it’s also applicable to your law firm. Just like other businesses, law firms can find themselves in web accessibility lawsuits if their websites are not ADA compliant. A website accessibility lawsuit against a legal firm could jeopardize the reputation of the firm in the eyes of its clients. A measure of a website’s accessibility can be provided by a professional that is familiar with the constant updates and complexities of the regulations for web accessibility.

If your law firm’s website was created with WordPress, there are plug-ins such as Color Contrast Analyzer and Accessibility Team, which you can use to see if people with various disabilities can use the website. According to ADAforweb, “Color Contrast Analyzer will highlight any potential color contrast issues so they can be addressed before users with visual disabilities try to access your site or app and Accessibility Team can better communicate with your clients about their needs and provide regular updates on the progress being made toward making accessibility a priority.” Another valuable resource is Google Analytics, which will “track real-time analytics about how users are using your site.” Collectively, these tools can tell you if your law firm’s website is accessible or if it’s in danger of a web accessibility lawsuit. However, the only way to know for sure if the website is accessible is to hire a professional, such as our company, Able IT Pros.

Making Your Website Accessible Can Help You Reach More Clients

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If you have a website in addition to your law firm’s, having knowledge of web accessibility can also help prevent you from being sued and allow you to reach more clients. Considering the necessity of attracting new clients as a lawyer, it is crucial to ensure your website is accessible to the largest possible audience and is inclusive of individuals with various disabilities.

The best way to make sure your website is ADA compliant is to hire a professional to test it so you don’t accidentally miss anything. Able IT Pros can test your website for any accessibility issues it might have and help you create a fully accessible website. Our Website Accessibility Solution offers various user-led modifications that allow them to view your digital content in the best manner for their unique individual needs. Additionally, we offer full Accessibility Compliance Reports that analyze your website’s faults and return key information on the areas that need improvement. For more information on our services, please visit our website here.