Facebook Advertising for Beginners

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Facebook Advertising for Beginners

Advertising is crucial to any successful business. One of the best ways to advertise is through social media. Millions of people use social media every day, so it is easier to reach more people than other forms of advertising. Facebook has been a popular social media website for years and offers paid advertising so you can reach as many people as possible. Here is a guide to creating your first Facebook ad. 

1. Create a Facebook Business Page 

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To be able to start advertising your business on Facebook, you have to create a business page. It’s similar to a personal page, but it’s specifically designed for advertising your business and gives you the opportunity to reach more customers online. According to Oberlo, the following steps will set up your Facebook business page: 

1. Go to “Create a Page” 

2. Type in the name of your page (the name of your business). 

3. Add a category and a description. 

4. Click on the “Create Page” button. 

5. After you create your page, upload images of your business and set up your business information.

2. Set Up Billing

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Facebook ads aren’t free, so you will have to pay to advertise your business on the social media site. On average, you can expect to spend $0.97 per click. You’ll have to enter your card information before you can start advertising. According to Oberlo, this is how you can set up billing: 

1. Open the “Ads Manager.” 

2. Click on the left-hand side menu and scroll down to “Billing.” 

3. Click on the “Payment Settings” on the top of the screen. 

4. Click on the “Add Payment Method” button. 

5. Add your credit card or Paypal information and click on “Save.”

3. Create Your First Facebook Ad

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After you set up billing, you can start creating your first Facebook ad. There are many steps you have to follow to make sure your ad is customized to fit your business’ needs. According to Oberlo, here’s how you can create your first ad: 

1. Open the “Ads Manager.” 

2. Click on “Create New Campaign.” 

3. Choose a campaign objective. There are eleven options you can choose from, depending on what you want this ad to do. 

● Brand awareness – Facebook will show your ad to people who will remember your brand. 

● Reach – Facebook will show your ad to as many people as 


● Traffic – The ad will send more people to your website. 

● Engagement – Facebook will target people who are more likely to engage with your content, such as liking your post, adding a 

comment, responding to an event, and more. 

● App installs – The ad will be shown to people who are most likely to install your app. 

● Video views – This ad is the best option when you post a new 


● Lead generation – Facebook will target people who will be more likely to get into your sales funnel.

● Messages – Facebook will target those who are more likely to send you a direct message via Messenger. 

● Conversions – The ad will be shown to people who are most likely to take action, such as purchasing your products, subscribing, and more. 

● Catalog sales – The ad will show a product catalog to new 

audiences who are more likely to buy something. 

● Store traffic – Facebook will target people who are close to your business. 

4. Add a campaign name. 

5. Add a special ad category. 

6. (Optional) Add an “AB Test” to compare ads. 

7. (Optional) You can create a “Campaign Budget Optimization” to reach more customers, but this isn’t recommended for your first ad. 

8. Create an ad set. 

9. Name the ad set. 

10. If you chose traffic as your campaign objective, you can choose where the traffic goes at this step. 

11. (Optional) You can turn on “Dynamic Creative” to automatically create variations depending on your headlines and images, but it isn’t 

recommended for your first ad. 

12. (Optional) Click on “Offer” if you are selling something through your ad directly and you want to create a special offer for your customers.

13. Create a daily budget and set the amount you want to spend on your ad every day. 

14. Schedule when you want the ad to start running and when/if you want it to end. 

15. Click on “More Options” to choose what time of day people will see your ad. 

16. Choose which locations you want to target. 

17. Select the minimum and maximum age you want to target. 

18. (Optional) You can select which gender you want to target. 

19. (Optional) You can click on “Detailed Targeting” if you want to be more specific about the audience you want to see your ad. 

20. (Optional) You can choose to show your ad only to people who speak a specific language. 

21. Click on the “Save Audience” button to save your settings. 

4. Publish Your First Ad

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You’re almost finished with your first ad. All you have to do now is make some final changes and publish it. According to Oberlo, this is how you can publish your ad: 

1. Upload an image or video for your ad. 

2. Click on “Primary Text” and tell your audience what your ad is about. 3. (Optional) Add a headline to capture the audience’s attention. 4. Click on “Description” and add more details about your ad and business.

5. Click on “Destination” to choose if people should be redirected to your website, a Facebook event you have created, or a phone number for them to call you. 

6. (Optional) Click on “Display Link” to add your homepage as your display link if your target URL is too long. 

7. Create a “Call to Action” and choose a button that will show next to your ad. 

8. (Optional) Enable the “Call Extension” feature if you want the “Call to action” button on the bottom of your ad and let people contact you directly. 9. Click “Publish.” 

5. Track Your First Ad’s Results and Keep Creating New Ads

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Congratulations, you’ve created your first Facebook ad! Now all you have to do is let the ad do its magic and bring customers to you. The best way to keep reaching as many customers as possible is to track your ad’s results and consistently create new ones. According to Oberlo, this is how you can do that: 

1. Open the “Ads Manager” dashboard to see the status of your ad. Facebook will give you a notification once your ad is approved. 

2. Keep track of the results by checking how many clicks you have received, what’s the cost per result, what’s the current reach (how many people saw

your ad), impressions (how many times each person saw the ad), budget, dates, and more. 

3. Repeat all of the steps in this guide each time you create a new Facebook ad.